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Color Tables

Zwally Color Tables

The color tables shown below are the current version of color tables that were originally developed for the Antarctic Sea Ice Atlas (Zwally et. al, 1983). These color tables are the ones that are used by the Ice Altimetry Group at Goddard Space Flight Center. The difference color table was designed for use with data that have both negative and positive values (such as dM/dt), while the forward color table is used for data that are entirely positive (such as standard deviations).

Zwally Color Tables


Zwally, H. J., J. C. Comiso, C. L. Parkinson, W. J. Campbell, F. D. Carsey, and P. Gloersen, 1983, Antarctic Sea Ice, 1973-1976: Satellite Passive-Microwave Observations, NASA Spec. Pub. 459, 206 pp. (1983).